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Tree-ear drops one of the small boxes, shattering it on the ground. Tree-ear is dismayed, for he secretly wants to become apprenticed to Min and make an elegant prunus vase.

The emissary leaves, but will return in a month to offer commissions. To pay for his mistake, Tree-ear offers to work for Min for nine days in order to pay for the box, which then turns into eighteen months.

He couldn't get away but he couldn't there were to many. Tree-ear has high hopes of Min getting picked. At first, Tree-ear is thrilled with himself for earning his lunch, but soon he grows worried. Less patient readers could be ruined by too many of these slow moving books.

Tree-ear tells Min about Kang's inlay work. Tree-ear goes to his master to inform him that Kim, the emissary, likes his work and has assigned him a royal commission.

Min works very hard to make the perfect pottery. They lived on as an inspiration to all those that needed a little courage. Tree-ear immediately thought of Crane-man. While watching other potters in the village, Tree-ear learns of a newly created decorative technique and must decide if it is ethical to reveal the stolen information to Min.

In his free time, Tree-ear likes to hide in the bushes and watch Min, an old master potter, make pots grow on his pottery wheel. One night, Tree-ear sneaks up to Kang's work shed and sees him carving out flowers in the side of a vase and then filling the holes with colored clay. He offered to work to pay off his misdeed, and work he did.

A Single Shard - Chapters 1-2 Summary & Analysis

Min agrees, sending Tree-ear to the river for clay. He is sad about this but he still happy he can help. Upon returning he learned Crane Man had died and Ajima and Min decided to take him in and teach him the craft of pottery. Both vases are broken but one has broken in large pieces, allowing Tree-ear to take a single shard and continue his journey.

Tree-ear is assigned various tasks but never has the chance to make his own pot. Tree-ear hopes that it is Min. Tree-ear wants to tell Min what he has seen, but he is concerned that by doing so he would be stealing from Kang, so he waits.

He A single shard summary under a bridge and scavenged for food. As he came to the emissary he started telling the story of what happened. From long habit as a scavenger, Tree-ear is observant. Min immediately begins creating inlays in his own pottery.

One day he too knew when it was ready. Crane-man is hired to create a basket that will carry the vases without breaking them. However, after the pottery is fired in the kiln, it all comes out with brown stains that sometimes appear in the finish. At the end of each day, Tree-ear is exhausted.

After taking care to be sure Crane-man will be cared for during his absence, Tree-ear sets off alone for the capital city. He would often make shoes and containers for Tree-ear and himself. It is undecorated on the outside, but Tree-ear suspects that the inside was more spectacular. It is the dream of many potters, but Min pursues it with more drive than anyone else in town.

Tree-ear is thankful, but he cannot bear wearing such wonderful clothes when Crane-man has none. Min breaks them all and prepares to start over. This was really hard to get into at first but it sucked you in slowly. He asks Crane-man, who advises against telling Min, at least until Kang makes his innovation public.

One day Tree-ear goes into Min's yard and investigates the work that he has drying in the sun. A Single Shard is the Newberry Award winning novel by Linda Sue Park. In this novel, Tree-ear is an orphan who lives under a bridge with Crane-man, a physically disabled man who took him in when Tree-ear was only a small child.

A Single Shard Overview. A Single Shard illustrates that how the determination of one boy to follow his dreams can change his life forever. Lesson Summary A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park is the Newbery Award winning story of an orphaned boy named Tree-ear (the name of a mushroom) who gains the affection and trust of Min and his wife.

The single shard in the novel refers to the broken piece of pottery that Tree-ear brings to the king's emissary. A Single Shard Clarion Books, Ages 9 and up Tree-ear is an orphan boy in a 12th-century Korean potters’ village. For a long time he is content living with Crane.

The book a single shard written by Linda sue park was inspirational and good view but i frowned upon the way this message was delivered and in what setting i did not like it.

the books overall plot could have been more developed in a more up to time situation/5. He continues his journey, confident that the shard demonstrates that his master is worthy of the commission.

A Single Shard

The emissary's assistant is about to throw Tree-ear out when Kim inspects the shard. Kim sends Tree-ear back via sea. Tree-ear goes to his master to inform him that Kim, the emissary, likes his work and has assigned him a royal commission.

A Single Shard Summary A single shard summary
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