Ford pinto executive summary

However, the ability of local legal actors to compel corporations to be accountable to local and state concerns is a promising aspect of the Pinto case that has gone overlooked and under-analyzed.

Why do the F-Series pickups give Ford an edge over its competitors. The Ford Pinto case: Firms face rash of liability suits. Thus, any apparent media bias surrounding the presentation of the case demonstrates the definition of the situation applied by re- porters and other media commentators.

For instance, Weiss and Chermak studied all the homicides that occurred in Indianapolis in and concluded that white murder vic- tims received more news Ford pinto executive summary than African-Americans victims. However, Jerry Slone, Ford pinto executive summary director of corporate information for Ford, commented during the trial that the decline in Ford sales and the decision to stop producing the Pinto was not directly connected to the case Schreiber, February 7,p.

Crimi- nology, 22, Interviews were conducted with 22 individuals directly involved with the litigation, as well as with insightful observers and experts. According to Strobel, The Ford Pinto trial happened to take place at a time when there was very little national news going on, and so it got dis- proportionately greater coverage around the country.

Cosentino's rationale for pursuing the case against the Ford Motor Company was his belief that corporations, like individuals, should be t Direct all correspondence to: In Ford would introduce the Falcon and in the Mustang was introduced with resounding success leading the Ford Motor Company to establish its European division.

The publicity and media involvement in the case also altered the perception of the Ford corporation and its actions. Ford pinto executive summary He criticized Ford for how it dealt with the controversy surrounding the Pinto.

I think that anything that is that embarrassing from a public relations standpoint is going to have an impact whether they win or lose a case. This finding is significant when applied to the perspective of deterrence theory.

Most respondents were inter- viewed once and follow-up interviews were conducted as relevant ques- tions arose during transcription. Rutgers Law Review, 43, The corporation achieved record profits in and a "poll of 3, readers of Consumer's Digest voted Ford the top U. Ford made unethical decisions in and the decisions are viewed as unethical today.

Ford Pinto - Executive Summary Essay

They're much more conscious about safety factors in ad- vertisements. Ina jury returned "not guilty" verdicts on three counts o f reckless Ford pinto executive summary against the Ford Motor Company. Interviews were conducted with 22 persons connected in various ways with the criminal case or civil litigation involving the Pinto.

The Pinto Ford, I believe went wrong from conception. This paper re-examines the consequences o f this landmark case involving corporate wrongdoing from the perspectives o f the participants 20 years later.

One Ford dealer from Elkhart County stated that Pinto sales "flat stopped. Ford would continue through the 90s as well as the s with its company focusing on engineering. Hare clarified that he felt it was the civil suits that brought this issue to light and the criminal prosecution that "crystallized" it.

Without Ditlow, such advances as airbags and state lemon laws might never have come into being. As he explains, The information about the Pinto that had been published in the press had been greatly distorted and very unfairly dis- torted--unfairly portrayed--and it was pretty clear to me that one of the reasons that it happened was because of the Grim- shaw verdict in California in which the company simply hadn't been ready to defend that trial and had not even come close to putting on the true Pinto story.

During crash tests which preceded the introduction of the Pinto to the public, it became apparent that the vehicle had a dangerous design flaw. Neal also speculated, prior to the verdict, that the impact would have been greater had there been a conviction.

The Case of the Ford Pinto

Please Contact us through eBay messaging. Another perspective was that the case was completely frivolous. At the same time, others believed that the acquittal would have the reverse effect and that corporations would be less likely to be brought before criminal courts.

I think the automobile manufacturer now recognizes that it could be prosecuted, and engineers could be prosecuted, crim- inally if they screw up in designing an automobile; whatever screwing up means. But you know that's one way it could have worked. Clarence Ditlow was their exceptional guardian angel.

How did external social pressures influence the decisions. If anything positive came out of the Pinto tragedies, it is that auto makers are probably far more reluctant today to ignore design defects post-facto as Ford did.

We've got to take a lesson from this even though it was a great outcome for us J. This statement does not mean that businesses will then become perfect corporate citizens.

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Clarence Ditlow, who died Nov. 10 at age 72, played an instrumental role in making vehicles safer, more reliable and more fuel efficient. MGT Week 3 Learning Team Case Study Discussion & Executive Summary Resources: Ch. 2 “Case: Pinto Fires” and Ch. 3 “Revisiting the Pinto Fires Case: Script Processing and Cost-Benefit Analysis” of Managing business ethics.

Discuss the following with your team. Ford Pinto Case. Bus Group N. Agenda. Summary. The Ford Pinto – a small car to compete with foreign car company competitors Pinto – weighed lbs and cost $ Rushed project led by Lee Iacocca.

executive vice president ford of europe and premier automotive group ford motor company. low energy light bulb. Whether it’s the Chevrolet Corvair in the 's, the Ford Pinto and the Firestone tire in the 's, the AudiChrysler minivan tail gate and GM pickups with side saddle gas tanks in the 's, the Ford Explorer and Firestone Wilderness & ATX tires in the 's, Toyota sudden.

Ford pinto executive summary
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